Why Did the Restylane Injections Under my Eyes Not Help? (photo)

About three days ago I recieved restylane injections under my eyes to help improve my sunken eye look, however I do not see any improvement whatsoever. During the injections, my doctor injected one whole syringe of restylane in my both cheecks, which I thought was very strange considering the fact that I had asked to fill my under eyes NOT my cheecks, but I figured he knew what he was doing. Is it normal to inject restylane in the cheecks for under eye treatment?

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Restylane to tear troughs

It is normal to have Restylane in the cheeks, especially if you're trying to help fill the void of volume loss that begins there, and trails up to the tear troughs. You may just need to see your provider again for another treatment and/or assessment of how things are, after swelling has subsided.

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Improve the eyes with Restyane

This is a commonly treated area with Restylane. In most cases, treatment with 1-cc is more than enough. The fact that you need more than one syringe, although possible, is somewhat unusual, but possible.

Injection for the tear troughs is done through the tear trough itself, which is usually where the cheek meets the eyelid. These injections do take some experience. Good luck.

Robert S. Bader, M.D.

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Restylane to Eyes...

You may just need more Restylane... 1 syringe may have not been enough.  From the looks of your photo this is probably the case.  It is wise to make sure your provider has a lot of experience in injecting this type of area. 

Good luck.  Hope this helps.


Dr. Grant Stevens 

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Why Did the Restylane Injections Under my Eyes Not Help?

Injected by YOUR description into the in correct aesthetic zone. Best to discuss with your injector or find another doc. 

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