Why did my breasts sag again after a lift? (photo)

I had L implants removed and had smaller ones put in. Dr. Did a breast lift as well, but my both breast dropped and it looks like I need another lift or...Is there is reason that this happend? And are there dr. that would be willing to fix it. Hating my breast right now had total of 3 surgeries already. And I would like to get bigger impants as well cause of the streach marks. Please let me know if you would be a great dr. For this and I can't pay more than $7000 cash upfront.

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Recurrent bottoming out after breast lift and augmentation

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I'm sorry to see your difficulty.  A revision of your breast lift can be done but the addition of a membrane called acellular dermis can provide additional support for your implant. The problem may be that your tissues simply are not strong enough to hold the implant in a higher position and the addition of support may help.

Post-Operative Breast Sag

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Your history and pictures indicate that you've undergone bilateral breast lift surgery. This procedure was combined with exchange of your current implants with smaller implants. Unfortunately, you now have recurrent sag, loss of upper breast fullness, elongation of the vertical distance between the areola and inframammary fold and implants that fill the lower breast implant pocket. This problem is most likely secondary to failure to adjust the size of the breast implant pocket.

It's not unusual for patients to have excess skin and soft tissue in both the transverse and vertical dimensions following the removal of large breast implants. In addition, the implant pocket may be too large for a smaller implant and this may accentuate lost upper breast fullness and breast sag.

For these reasons, decreasing breast implant size may require decreasing the size of the implant pocket with a capsulorrhaphy. In addition, patients may require an anchor or lollipop mastopexy to remove excess skin in multiple dimensions. The exact procedure chosen will depend upon the patient's physical examination.

Correction of these problems usually always requires adjustment of the soft tissue envelope. Under these circumstances, a capsulorrhaphy to decrease pocket size and a breast lift revision would be appropriate.

If you're considering pocket revision, it's appropriate to consult your plastic surgeon. Your surgeon should be able to formulate a treatment plan that addresses your anatomic findings and achieves your aesthetic goals.

Breast lifit

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You may benefit from a small wedge resection along the lower fold region to remove the loose extra skin.
This is easy and can even be done in the office for the right patient. Of course the OR is a fine choice for a sterile environment and a little sedation may make you more comfortable. The procdure should take about 20 -30 minutes. Ask your surgeon if he or she thinks this may help you. Good luck and please update us!

Gregory T. Lynam, MD
Richmond Plastic Surgeon
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