Did I Tear my Sutures or Tissue?

I'm four weeks post mastopexy. Last night, I felt a sharp pull in my right upper chest while doing sit ups. Tonight, I noticed that my chest is bruised in the area of the pull. The bruise is approximately the size of a baseball. Did I possibly tear the sutures or tissue? Is this something that can ruin the results? Do I need to call my surgeon once the weekend is over?

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Large Bruise 4 Weeks after Breast Lift

  4 weeks is a little early to start workouts following a breast lift.  In the case that there is a known trauma, pain, bruising, and an increase in breast size should be seen and is concerning for hematoma.

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Tear of sutures?

I do not let my patients start vigorous workouts for 6 wks after surgery. You may have a hematoma and should contact your surgeon.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Exersize after breat lift

From the description of large bruise after sit ups, It sounds like bleeding in the area. Ice the area , limit your activity, if your surgeon gave you a bra, wear it, and contact his office for an appt as soon as he can see you.

Shahriar Mabourakh, MD, FACS
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At for weeks you are not nor should not being doing any upper body working out. 6-8 weeks post-surgery is when we tell our patients they are able to return to normal work outs. Sure surgeon is the best person to see what happened. You should make a follow up appointment.


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Sutures torn after mastopexy

The sharp pain followed by a baseball size bruise is not a good sign, and you might be right in that something gave during your sit-ups. Rest the area, ice, Tylenol, and let your surgeon have a look.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
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Did I Tear my Sutures or Tissue?

Your surgeon will be best equipped to answer your question, knowing what was done, where any suturing was done. Your surgeon can decide whether you need to be seen based on a phone conversation. 

If this baseball sized "bruise" is raised it may be a collection of blood that would merit attention. If it is just a flat discoloration, chances are that it will resolve without sequella.

Thanks for your question, and best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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