Did I Tear a Muscle or Closed Internal Stitching?

Hi, 5'5 118 lbs. Went from a small 34B to aprox 385-400 CC, under the muscle, saline, crease incision, 2 wks post op. Last night while watching watching TV I went to lay on my side with my left arm prompted up ward as to support my head. I didn't even fully get into the position before I felt a small tear internally near my incision area & quickly got out of it. I'm now experiencing pain on the left upper side of my breast near my armpitt and affaid I may have damaged something. Please advise!

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Pain after tearing after breast augmentation

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It is entirely possible that you tore a stitch or a small scar band. If you have no other symptoms (swelling, bleeding, change in shape/contour) then this will likely amount to little more than transient discomfort.  If the affected breast is now swollen you should see you surgeon immediately in case this represnets a hematoma (internal bleeding) which could compromise ultimate results.

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