I Did a TCA Peel Myself and Took It off Early,my Face is Red and Tender, Will This Go Away?

I did a 25% TCA chemical peel 2 days ago and it did as I expected. When my skin turned brown and became leathery some of it started to peel. I went to peel those off and the skin came off pretty easly but now it's red and burns a little. I've been putting neosporin on it and if I try to apply any other creams it burns my face so I wash it off and put back on neosporin. It has only been 3 days so should I just be patient and keep applying the neosporin? The sunscreen burns too so I stay in doors

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At home TCA peel

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Doing a 25% TCA peel at home was certainly brave of you!  I generally wouldn't recommend this.  There are potential complications that can occur, even at this strength.
Continue to coat the healing areas with aquaphor or some other bland emollient ointment.  It probably needs more time to heal....but for any detailed questions, you will need to see a local physician.
This is really not an "at-home" procedure.

TCA peel is not usually a DIY procedure

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A 25% TCA peel is usually considered a medical procedure that should be done by a professional. They will monitor your healing process and make sure that things are progressing as expected.

Richard Baxter, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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