Did a Suture Pop Around my Belly Button Region?

I had hernia repair and abdominal wall reconstruction 1 year ago. About 3 days ago, i'm sitting on my couch watching tv and I had a severe pain and felt a pop on the left side of my belly button. Now I have a bulge and I hurt all the time in my whole upper abdomen. I can't sleep at night because of the pain and it is just an uncomfortable feeling. It feels like a ball or something is out of place. Inow.

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Pain One Year After TT

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   Dear Trusk75,

   All the explanations offered by my clooeagues are plausible. I would recommend that you go back to your surgeon and have them examine this sooner rather than later.Good luck. Dr. G.

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Pop and pain after tummy tuck

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After tummy tuck surgery there is some pain but at a year you should be fine.  Sutures are placed in the midline rectus separation and about your hernia and they can break loose but rarely do.  At one year healing becomes so strong the sutures are irrelevant.   You may have torn an adhesion?   Since you feel there is a bulge you should let your doc take a look.  I bet you stretched or tore a small adhesion of scar and this will be meaningless and heal nicely and swelling will go away.  This sort of event can happen.   If persistent,  visit your ABPS surgeon.   My Best,   Dr C

Suture Pop Around Belly Button

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    If you are in pain after abdominal wall reconstruction, you need to have an exam by your surgeon.  There is no reason to be worrying about this.  Have it checked out.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Did I Pop a Suture?

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From your description, it certainly sounds like something is wrong in this area, but it doesn't necessarily mean that a suture popped and your hernia is back.  Usually, the hernia is stable and the scar tissue has healed to the point that sutures are no longer necessary to hold the tissues together.  That said, this is not always the case, especially if a primary suture hernia repair was performed with no mesh reinforcement. 

Go to your surgeon and have them examine you. A CT scan could help determine if there is a hernia recurrence or if you just caused a local tear and fluid has filled the area.  Good luck.

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