Why Did Restylane Turn to Rock?

I had my nasolabial folds done with restalyne 4weeks ago. A day after an LED photo facial treatment the filler turned rock hard, with the lady swearing the photo facial was not to blame. After being in immense pain for 2 days I had an md inject hyaLuronic acid two times in 48 hours. My face swelled like a balloon and I was admitted to ER and received antibiotics. Swelling is down, but filler remains solid and is visible protruding (painfully) from my skin. What is happening??

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Restylane and complications

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It's difficult to answer your question without first seeing you in person, but it's not common at all to have significant or any pain from a dermal filler, with the exception of some minor discomfort at time of treatment. It sounds like you need to be thoroughly examined by the provider of your filler and discuss options going forward.

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Restylane turned to rock

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I have never heard of this happening to restylane. You need to check and make sure your got treated with real Restylane and not some bootleg version. If it turns out you did get the real thing maybe it's an infection (I have used Restylane for over 10 years and have never seen an infection - it's very safe). Finally, if it turns out to really be Restylane and you are having a bad reaction, it should be reported to the company. If your doc is uncertain than he/she should also contact the company for advise.

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