How Did Getting Rear-ended on my Motorcycle and Landing on my Back Result in Saddle Nose? (photo)

I was at a stop when an SUV rear ended my motorcycle. I was sent airborne and landed on my back. Self-administered naproxin sodium for a few days until stomach pain forced me to discontinue. Then a day or two later and my nose was swollen. One ear lobe too. Since the impact was to the back of my head, how did this happen? It's been several months and my nose still has a small bump. What can I do about it now? Can you point me to additional info on this?

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How Did Getting Rear-ended on my Motorcycle and Landing on my Back Result in Saddle Nose?

Sounds like you have some injury to the face that you do not recall. Best to be seen in person to be examined in extreme detail with a boarded PSs in your area. 

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How Did Getting Rear-ended on my Motorcycle and Landing on my Back Result in Saddle Nose?

The photos you've provided don't appear to show a saddle nose. The bump that you point out on the left side of your nose could have resulted from your accident. The hump that is shown actually appears to be the outer part of your nasal tip cartilage. As Dr. Elam suggested you would be better served by seeking an in-person consultation where a Facial Plastic Surgeon could evaluate your nose, determine what might have happened during your accident and whether you want to proceed with a procedure to try to remedy the issue. I am glad to hear that you've otherwise recovered well from such a serious accident. I hope this information is helpful.

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Trauma to Nose

Dear tell me How, 

I am not sure when this incident happened and what your before photographs indicated. You may have sustained an injury to your nose that you were not aware of at the time as it was not the major focus of your accident. I would suggest a direct examination by a qualified surgeon to determine a proper diagnosis. I will tell you one thing I am not sure if it is text messaging or cell phones however I have had an influx of bicyclist injuries and motorcycle accidents in the past year. People be careful on the road this is becoming an epidemic! Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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