How Did my Nostrils Become So Big? I've Had 2 Surgeries.

My nostrils were so small I could not fit my pinky in my nose now that is all you see is these extremely large nostrils. What happened? How can I get them to how they were before? Is it possible? I've had two rhinoplasties already and my nose seems so large and swollen now compared to how it was. It's been almost a year since the last rhinoplasty. Will my nose ever go back to it's original size?

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Enlarged Nostrils After Rhinoplasty

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It is highly unlikely that your nostrils are actually larger after surgery but there are several things that may give the appearance of larger nostrils. In the instance that a reduction rhinoplasty was performed the tip of the nose is usually less pronounced causing the nostrils to spread and appear larger. Also, if the nose was shortened the tip can rotate upward causing the nostrils to be more visible giving the impression they are enlarged. There is an operation to reduce large and/or flared nostrils called an alar wedge resection which easily performed by most Plastic Surgeons as an office procedure.

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Large Nostrils after Two Rhinoplasties

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Without a photo it is difficult to answer your question. Nostils may appear larger when the rest of the nose has been reduced significantly. The nostrils may also rotate upwards and become more prominent. Reconstructive Rhinoplasty can possibly improve your situation providing your remaining anatomy is conducive to it. Get more than one consultation and definitely find a surgeon whose main interest is in nasal surgery. Best of Luck  Dr Harrell

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