Did my Surgeon Straighten my Nose Aesthetically? I See an Osteotomy Was Not Done in my Op Notes

Notes: septoplasty carried out, same time septum relocate centre. Used open technique, collumella strut used support tip and two tip graft; extended graft supported by small graft behind tip. Trans and inter domal sutures with conservative resection of cephalic margin of lower lateral cartilage. Upper lateral cartilage sutured to septum after septal harvest. Dorsal hump was shaved. I'm concerned my nose looks asymmetric like pre-op. I'm 9 days post-op and so understand it is early days yet.

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9 days post-op is too soon to make a final judgement after rhinoplasty

9 days post-op is too soon to make a final judgement after rhinoplasty. Swelling after open technique can take 6-8 weeks to resolve. In certain cases an osteotomy is not required. However, if the nose is significantly deviated or a large bump is removed it is common to perform an osteotomy. Rather than worrying about the operative note, I would ask your plastic surgeon what was done and the rationale. Also, I would urge you to be patient during the early healing period. I hope this is helpful.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

Denver Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Osteotomy with Septoplasty

Typically osteotomy is done to straighten and/or narrow the nose for either or both aesthetic or functional reasons. I would estimate that I do 99% of my septorhinoplasty and septoplasty surgeries with osteotomy. I would speak with your surgeon regarding your operative report and what was done in surgery for a proper understanding.

Michael Elam, MD
Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon
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