Did my Septorhinoplasty Change the Appearance of my Lips?

I got a septorhino 5 days ago to fix my deviated septum (along with adding a spreader graft on one side) and to BARELY tone down the bridge of my nose. I have read posts about appearance of lips changing after rhinoplasties, as in the top lip sometimes looks longer and thinner. Will this happen to me? My tip was NOT touched, only the septum and bridge. However, I really do not want this to change my lips or make them look longer/thinner. The cast is still on so I cannot tell as of now. Will it???

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Dear Kiyoshiflower, 

Do not worry about your lips changing after surgery. Sometimes immediately after surgery you have some change that is temporary and quite common in the recovery phase. I know you are approximately eleven days post surgery at this point and your splint has been removed if you see any changes know these will dissipate during your recovery time. I have answered several of your questions and while it is always a pleasure to provide support to all patients during their pre and post operative phases via realself I do hope that you have an open line of communication with your surgeon. It is crucial that you have a good repore with your surgeon and that you feel comfortable asking any questions. Please know as a Plastic Surgeon no question from a patient is ignored or thought silly and in my practice it is the basis of all we do. Between myself and my staff I hope that all questions and concerns are addressed at all times. So please Kiyoshiflower do not stress yourself so much and have these questions and concerns answered by your surgeon. I would consider having frequent follow up visits to assure your comfort during this recovery process! Best regards! Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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