Why Did my Nose Lose the Shape It Had After Cast Removal 1 Month Post Rhinoplasty? Will It Ever Come Back? (photo)

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One month post rhinoplasty

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At one month post- rhinoplasty it is quite common to have significant swelling. It might take up to a year for the swelling to subside.

Post op rhinoplasty

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Miss Blegani based on the photos you posted your nose appears to be healing well.  You have an excellent result so far.  Your swelling will continue to improve over the next year.  Be patient and continue to follow up with your rhinoplasty surgeon.  Good Luck!


Nasal shape after cast removal

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You have an excellent early result and your surgeon did a beautiful job!  I tell my patients that they have 70% of their final result when the splint is removed, but that last 30% will take a year to resolve...during that time, the remaining swelling will sometimes get worse depending on your activity or diet, but the overall trend will be to improve.

Leonard T. Yu, MD
Maui Plastic Surgeon

Why Did my Nose Lose the Shape It Had After Cast Removal 1 Month Post Rhinoplasty? Will It Ever Come Back?

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     The nose is much improved.  You would have to be more specific with regard to the shape that was lost.  In addition, a postoperative frontal view would help in offering insight.  Finally, there is still swelling at one month. 

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

Nose shape after rhinoplasty

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The best recommendation is to stay in very close touch with your surgeon.  For a number of reasons, swelling does increase after surgery for a few months.  Massage techniques can be so helpful as can taping.  Also, kenalog injections can be very helpful in many cases.  I would call your surgeon and be certain that he or she does not recommend you utilize some or all of these measures.  A second opinion may be beneficial if you are not getting all of your questions answered.  If you go that route, be certain you have a copy of your operative note in advance of those consultations.

Best of luck,

Dr. Todd Hobgood

Rhinoplasty Swelling 1 Month Post Op

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Congrats on having a Rhinoplasty!  Thanks for providing before and after photos.  You still have a lot of post op swelling.  It takes months for all the swelling to subside following Rhinoplasty.  It is very important to follow up with your Plastic Surgeon, as he will guide you through the healing process.

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