Where Did my Hump Go Suddently (Post-op)?

I had a thin hump before surgery, and asked the doctor to remove it a little bit but i still wanted it to stay. After surgery and the cast was off, i could see that it was exactly like how i wanted it to be! there was a slight hump and it looked like my old nose, i liked it. but a few days later now it seems my hump is gone and it looks like i have nothing there. kind of like Megan Fox's nose. I hate it... Why do you think this change occurred so quick?

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You are still in the process of healing

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I hope you will be happy with your results at the end of your recovery time. Most patients are curious after the splint is gone if this is it. The answer is definitely not. You will be going through some changes of your nose’s size and shape for a while. At the beginning of your recovery you will notice a lot of swelling still present that will subsidize with time. That is why maybe you saw a little hump which is gone now. The skin is shrinking.  Everyone is healing at  individual pace so be patient and do not hesitate to go back for follow up with your surgeon if you have some more questions.

Swelling will obscure the bony and cartilaginous definition after rhinoplasty.

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Swelling would secure the changes created by a rhinoplasty for weeks or even months. As it subsides you'll see definition emerging in the nasal tip of the nasal dorsum. Only then should you start making assessments of the operation.

Hump is gone

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It seems that the hump is gone! It's normal for there to be some swelling on the area where the bump was. 

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