Why Did my Dr Purposely Leave Some Fat During my TT? (photo)

My Dr said that I didn't need lipo during my TT. He said I have a thin layer of fat at the upper center of my abs and he didn't remove it because esthetically I would not look good. From a Dr point of view, do you know what he ment by this?There is a very tiny budge above my belly button since my surgery that has not gone away. I'm hoping it's swelling but I highly doubt it. I think it's the fat he left

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Fat Stomach

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looks like a good result. I nearly always suction between the belly button and sternum unless like you, the patient is thin.

San Antonio Plastic Surgeon
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TT , purposely fat

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   I do not    have    the  previews pictures ,   but  what    i see  are   great  results  ,  you   did not  specify  the    time  of  surgery,    because   there  are lot    of  changes  between   the TT   and time    passing   by.    you    will aquire   better    results  until the    time   passes  by,    eventough     you  already  have  a   nice TT,   and   is  not really  evident  the detail    of  fat   you are mnetioning ,    i do ont   know    if    your  Ps ,   ask    you to wear   girdle ,  ask him   about that 

Cynthia Disla, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Why Did my Dr Purposely Leave Some Fat During my TT?

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Although there are no preop views to compare, I find myself looking at a rather nice outcome from a TT. I really cannot see the area you question in these pictures, though photos are far less useful than and in person exam in which 3 dimensions are evaluated. 

Surgeons always leave some fat during a TT. Otherwise you would look cadaveric after the procedure. If there are  persistent areas of dissatisfaction, review them with your surgeon. 

All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Why your surgeon did not liposuction your tummy

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is only known to your surgeon and the logic behind it.  Now that you are healing and you can see some areas you wished were flatter, you should bring it to your surgeon's attention and find out what revisions can be done to remedy this.  Usually minimal liposuction is all that is needed.  Know your surgeon's revision policy as some additional fees are not unusual.  Also, evaluate your tummy when your muscles are completely relaxed as opposed to holding your tummy in.

Curtis Wong, MD
Redding Plastic Surgeon
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Why did my surgeon leave some fat during my tummy tuck?

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Thank you for your question and photos. Although the photos and views are limited to make a detailed comment, in general I always do liposuction with my tummy tucks. You will find that a lot of surgeons do procedures the same way as they learned back in residency. The number one concern is patient safety and being more conservative there's less risk of complications. Maybe he/she reasoned that if you have residual fat, that can be liposuctioned safely later on. With newer techniques of lipo-abdominoplasty, I use the VASER to liposuction and contour the mid section including the abdomen in both the deep and superficial planes to create a more sculpted result with the abdominoplasty. Wait about 6 months from your surgery, and if you still have the bulge, ask your surgeon if he/she is willing to liposuction this area. Good luck.

Why Did my Dr Purposely Leave Some Fat During my TT?

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       You appear to have a nice result from the tummy tuck.  Sometimes, liposuction from the upper abdomen is not done to avoid vascular compromise to the flap.  It is also true that this area is usually thinner ,and the tissue stretch only exaggerates this.


Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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