Why Did my Doctor Lower my Nasal Bridge? (photo)

My nasal bridge was higher + straight, now i have a lower + slope. I just requested for a smaller nose+smaller more defined tip and Alar wall reductions. Why did he lower my nasal bridge? It has been 3 months since my primary surgery Do I need a revision Rhinoplasty? Voice ur opinion + explanation about what exactly should be done for perfect results. I just went to an ENT for checkup. He said my nose internally is Perfect but have allergy and gave me antihestamine for 15days..

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Rhinoplasty at 3 months

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The nasal bridge is a bit low, however if you feel it is too low, you will have to wait a year for all the swelling to go down before you can have a revision.

New York Plastic Surgeon
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Over resecting the bridge in patient with thick skin can be a problem

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Your initial result doesn't look bad, although the bridge does look a little low. But it is straight and not curved. Which is good. It is the surgeon's eye and skill that determines how much to lower the bridge. In your nose this needed to be done. The question is how much. I see two problems now. One is that you are getting some thickening of the skin in the lower bridge which is creating a lower hump. This is called a supratip deformity and happens often in patients with thick skin, especially when there is a significant lowering of the hump. An injection of kenalog in the nose can help this. It looks like incisions were made on the outside of the nose to narrow the nose, and they are hypertrophic (hyperactive).This should calm down in time. The incision on the right looks like it was made in an unusual position. This might need to be revised. Discuss these issues with your doctor.

John Alexander II, MD
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