Did my dermatologist improperly advise me on removal of a cyst, where is there now a deep depression?

A rubbery lump (below the armpit, near my chest) ruptured from weekly shirt friction. A hard interior ejected, then it healed. The lump returned in 10 months, threatening to rupture again. A dermatologist saw underlying scar tissue - said surgery would remove this, some outer skin as well as the lump. She did not advise how big the incision would be and taped the wound with my arm raised. Lab results reported a cyst, but now I am DEFORMED! Should she have referred me to a cosmetic surgeon?

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Cyst removal

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Cyst removals that are complicated may require revision surgery. Discuss your concerns and your findings with your surgeon to discuss possible revision treatments. Cysts occupy space and may result in a volume deficit if removed.  

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Depressed Scar

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It appears that your wound or incision is relatively recent and there is swelling in the area. Allow at least 3 months or more for all of the edema to resolve before you can evaluate the final appearance. It may take one year.

Consult your doctor and be patient but if necessary get a second opinion.

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