I had my Breast Implants removed 6 mth ago. Why am I smaller now then before my initial surgery? Where did my breast tissue go?

I had a breast augmentation 6 months ago. I had 325cc, high profile,under the muscle, went from an A to a C. I liked the result, but not so much the feeling of the implants......implant removal via local . I am terrified every time a see myself in the mirror, i am flatter than before the implants!!! Help? Is that normal, is the breast tissue gonna fluff out and fill in?

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Change in breast size following implant removal

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Since you only had the implants in place for a short period of time you should expect that the skin would recoil.  There is no real way to know in advance how the skin will behave after implants are removed.  The pressure of the implants will cause some degree of soft tissue atrophy.  

Implant removal and breast size

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If the implants were only in  for a short time, it is likely that they will go back to a similar size as before. However sometimes with pressure over a long time, the breast tissue thins out a bit.

Where did the breast tissue go after implants

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If your implants were in for only six months, chances are you will recover your original breast size. Over many years though the pressure of the implant can cause a thinning of the tissue and a smaller breast after removal.


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Not uncommonly patients experience a loss of breast tissue and are smaller then preop when implants are removed. This can be due to weight change while the implants were in or just due to loss of volume due to the implants. Dr. Corbin

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