Why Did My Acne Come Back Worse After An Accutane Treatment? What Else Is Causing My Acne?

I never had bad acne in my teens or twenties. But about the time I turned 30, I began getting a few (3-4) breakouts in the t-zone consistently--never seemed to have clear skin. After 2 years of antibiotics, I did Accutane for 4.5 months on 40mg/twice a day. Within 2 months of treatment, I had 40 pimples on my cheeks--far worse! I'm on a second round, but what else could be causing my acne? My dermy says I do not have any of the other symptoms for PCOS. What about tumors? lymphoma?

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Acne in females

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Acne is very variable regarding its presentation & its origin at any age. In females, Acne can worsen around menstrual cycle, showing its relation with hormonal changes.

Your dermatologist can assess your condition regarding this aspect, & hormonal treatment can help you in this regard.

Please follow your dermatologist advice for proper assessment & better management.

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