Did I get MOH's surgery?I think I got a standard, non tissue sparing excision.

2mm nodular BCC on neck. Appeared in Feb as an itching bug bite; by Mar. it looked like a classic BCC . Biopsy taken & cauterized to 5mm. Dr. said MOH's. I expected him to start with 2mm further excision around lesion to start with, check and remove more as needed. He excised a deep, 4CM [across] circle. I feel he wanted to save time & knew he'd get it all if he took that much tissue. He changed his mind re closing it when I asked for small stiches. 5 days to get appt closure diff Doc.

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Define Mohs surgery

Mohs surgery is a type of horizontal sectioning of frozen section tissues removed sequentially by a Mohs surgeon acting both as the surgeon and the pathologist.
it is the best method for removing facial skin cancers with poorly defined margins.

And this may vary by practitioner, I would suggest discussing with a Board Certified Dermatologist with expertise in Mohs surgery.

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Mohs surgery vs excision

Mohs surgery requires that slides are made during the procedure before the wound is closed up to ensure that all cancer is removed from the tissue. If this did not occur, then no, you did not have Mohs, but an excision, where the margins are examined post-procedure in a traditional manner. In many cases a surgical excision is fine to do, as long as enough tissue is taken to ensure clear margins. We reserve Mohs for areas that don't have a lot of tissue and as much as possible needs to be preserved, so for the face, scalp, hands, feet, genital region, etc. This often does include the neck unless you have an adequate amount of tissue there and more can safely be taken. To me, it doesn't sound like you had Mohs but that does not mean your procedure wasn't appropriate for you or your case.

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