Why Did I Look 4 Months Pregnant Immediately After A TT? (photo)

Had Full TT by Board Certified Plastic Srgn.I 'm Bigger/Wider now than before! It was immediate bloat /distension above the navel Now I look like spongebob! Square looking. He kept denying the bloat; saying it was swelling, said the muscle stitching did not pull apart. It's hard as a rock I (just look 4mnts pregnant) when I inhale, it’s FLAT! He said, my organs were now too large for my abs area.Then,I should get Lipo. He completely lost my trust by now. I've since had Smart Lipo resolved nothing!

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Contours after abdominoplasty

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A bulge above the belly button can happen if the facial plication ("muscle tightening") is done to. A greater extent bellow the belly button than above .

also facial plication can push the abdominal contents back if you will but they have to go somewhere 

so they bulge to the side 

it is for that reason that many people who undergo tummy tucks should have flank liposuction at the same time to prevent this phenomenon .  I don't charge extra for this because I believe it is part of a good a good comprehensive approach to the abdomen via abdominoplasty 

Austin Plastic Surgeon
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Tummy tuck and appearance

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It is hard to say what the issue is since the time frame of the procedure was not mentioned. Sometimes early on it is swelling and sometimes it is an under appreciated intrperitoneal component that contributes tot he girth.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Appear pregnant after tummy tuck (photos)

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Your disappointment is understandable.  After considerable investment of time, money, emotional resources, and trust, the outcome is not as good as you hoped for, and expected.

This, unfortunately, is not uncommon after cosmetic surgery.  In your case, based on the photos, I cannot tell precisely what's going on.  The front and back views were taken at different times.  Is the back view before or after Lipo?  Without a side view, "bloat/distension" cannot be evaluated. 

If you are seeking answers and advice, consider re-posting contemporaneously taken photos with additional views. The pelvis appears narrow in the posterior view, but not the anterior view. This is germane.

Steve Laverson, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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