Did Lower Body Lift 2weeks Ago Still Sagging Skin on Thighs, Why Is This?

I did a lower body lift 2 weeks ago and still I see my outer and back thighs have sagging skin I was not heavy 120lbs and not much skin to take out why do I still having sagging skin?

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Lower body lift and thighs

Depending upon how it was done, it may not address the lateral thighs enough, and certainly does not treat the medial thighs.   i usually perform the lower body lift in two positions( the patient is lying on their back and lying on their stomach.  To really treat the lateral thighs adequately, patients need to be placed on their side. I find in most of my patients that using the two positions often treats it successfully. Sometimes patients come back for a "formal" lateral thigh l lift at a later time.

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Persistent Sagging After a Body Lift

Dear Sandra4774,

While I would like to be able to address your question, that is not possible without an examination and also a review of your pre-operative history and photos.  In some patients who have experienced a massive weight loss,  the skin and soft tissues lose the ability to maintain a firm, taunt tone no matter how much tension is applied to these tissues.  Shortly after surgery, these patients may experience a relapse of laxity which may or may not respond to a secondary procedure.

Also, no matter how much the surgeon pulls at the top of the thigh, because the skin and soft tissues will stretch over the length of the thigh so that this tension is lost by the time it gets to bottom of the thigh around the area of the knees.  These areas often have to be addressed with a separate thigh lift procedure.

The best thing to do is to discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon who knowing your history and the quality of your tissues can address your concerns.  Hope this helps.    

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