How Did I Get a Large Hematoma After Minor Vaser Lipo to my Lower Abs?

7 days after my op I had my 3rd massage although termed deep tissue. 2 hours later my whole abdomen swelled like never before and I was rushed to A&E. A hematoma 3cm deep and 15cm wide confirmed and I have been in hospital ever since (4th day tomorrow). I want it removed. So I am waiting to see the consultant tomorrow as the weekend surgeon was not interested. My PS has been unsatisfactory. Up until the massages my stomach post op was great. What has gone wrong!?

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Haematoma after Vaser

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Thank you for your question.

Post any liposuction patient might experience bleeding. Early haemorrhage with 48hours is quite common, delayed :1-2 weeks post-operatively is relatively rare. Taking medication which might thin blood like aspirin or Ibuprofen can trigger that as excessive exercise or massaging. The latter is done to reduce swelling but can disturb some of clots formed immediately after surgery and stopping blood vessels oozing.

Haematoma can be evacuated by your surgeon -I would advise to seek his/her help instead.

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Hematoma after VASER Liposuction

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There are many possible complications following VASER liposuction including hematoma, seroma, infection and most common, unsatisfactory result.  Skin necrosis or burn can also occur.  Although rare, a hematoma at 3 weeks can occur especially if there was some sort of trauma to a vessel, possibly during the massage.  At first, you need to check to see if the hematoma is expanding and if it is it needs to be addressed emergently.  Sometime you can infiltrate the area with tumescent fluid which has epinephrine in it to constrict the blood vessels.  Other times you may have to make an incision to explore the area and find out what is bleeding.  If the hematoma is stable, I would make an incision and evacuate the area to remove the hematoma and place a drain to prevent fluid from collecting.  If you leave the hematoma in place, scar tissue will form and you will get fibrosis and a horrible result.  I suggest you follow up with your original surgeon.  It is important to have a qualified surgeon operate on you who CAN TAKE CARE OF ANY COMPLICATION WHICH MAY OCCUR.  This is IMPORTANT.  Just because a doctor performs liposuction does not mean they are a surgeon or can handle complications.  Good luck...

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