Why did this happen to my lip? (photo)

I have stitches in my lip from having my filler cut out, it was burning when I spoke and the bump wasn't going away even after that dissolver injection. I've had my lips done many times but this is a true nightmare, will my stitches leave a bad scar? I have it on the other side of my lip. I just don't understand how this happened because no one seems to have answers.

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Scars after removing filler in lips

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usually will heal well or at least much better than you think.  Your photos suggests you either had too much put in one spot or a granuloma formed.  Regardless, removing it is mandatory if the dissolver isn't working. 

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Well-performed lip excisions tend to leave an imperceptible scar.

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Your photos are limited for evaluation, but you appear to have an overfilled upper lip compared to the volume of your lower lip. It would be helpful to know which fillers you had: I presume HA since you had a dissolving injection.

If you're concerned with your appearance after your incision heals, you may benefit from a second opinion from a reputable facial plastic surgeon or cosmetic dermatologist.

Hope this is helpful for you.

Dr. Joseph

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