Did Dr. Go Too Deep? Scar Caused by CO2 Laser. (photo)

I had the CO2 laser procedure done 16 days ago. The scar in the picture was about the size of a pencil eraser prior to procedure. It is now bigger than a dime. The doctor went over it really deep & then back over it as he did the rest of my face. He was aggressive with the more discolored areas & I now have 2 matching rolling scars on either side of my cheeks about the size of a quarter. They don't show up in a picture. Is this going to resolve w/new collagen over the next few months?

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CO2 laser scarring

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Hi Deborah,

Did you have fractional CO2 or traditional ablative CO2 laser treatment? Did you have any post-op complications? At this point, it is too early to tell what the resolution of the scar will be. I would give it a full three months post-op and then re-evaluate. Yes, there will be new collagen production and remodeling that occurs. CO2 laser (even fractional type) can definitely cause scarring if done too aggressively, but I honestly would give it more time. Best of luck!

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