I Did Double Eyelid Stitching and the Crease is Too High at 3+wks. Should I Undo/redo? Recovery Time Diff?

I did suture double eyelid stitching and the crease is too high at 3wks3days. Does not look natural at all..May I know the recovery time difference to redo and undo? Also, my surgeon mentioned eyelid collapsing in the future is only a difference of 5% chance difference btw stitching and cutting method. views? I could feel the tension of my heavy/fatty eyelids when I smile, and I have noticed crow's feet which I dont used to have. What shld i do now?

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Be patient

It is still too early for you to be worried about this. Double eyelid surgery always seems too high in the early stages.

You should wait at least 6 months before going in for another evaluation.

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