Did I Choose the Wrong Profile for my Ribcage Size/breast Width Diameter?

Hi!. I recently got a breast augmentation on the 17th. My PS didn't really give me any recommendations as far as size and profile, which was fine with me, since I'm a bit of a control freak. It is 6 days post my BA and I'm questioning my choice of profile for a 550 cc implant. I'm fairly slender at 5'4 1/2" and 125lbs. My breasts are large which I wanted but they're everywhere (cleavage, sideboob, etc). Should I have gone with HP? And can I go bigger in HP and have them more "contained"?

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Breast augmentation

At 5'4" 125 pounds with breasts now "everywhere" it sounds like your current implant may be too big for your body. It is not just the volume of the implant that is important it is the dimensions of the implant. Picking the appropriate implant model (size and dimensions) requires a face to face examination with measurements of the pre-surgery breast dimensions. In the absence of photos and your being only 6 days out of surgery it is impossible to say how much of what you are seeing is just temporary swelling.

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Breast Implant Profile and Size

Without seeing you in person or evaluating your before and after pictures, it really is impossible to give you specific advice.  550 cc sounds like a large implant for your measurements which you gave, however.  You are correct that a high profile implant with be narrower and have more projection than a moderate low profile implant of the same volume.  


Good Luck

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Are breast implants proper size?

550cc is a fairly generous size for your weight and height. Generally implants are chosen to fit your chest width. High profile is a very good way to go with a narrow chest and desire for ample volume.You should discuss this with your plastic surgeon. You are not far out from surgery so you should give yourself some time. Best of luck!

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Implant size and profile

You are still early in the healing process and likely quite swollen. I will say that 550 cc implants are quite large for your height and weight and this may be why they are "everywhere". High profile implants are narrower but then you also have to assess the impact of the extra projection. Give yourself an opportunity to heal more before making any decisions.

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Did I Choose the Wrong Profile?

First of all, it is a little early to begin second-guessing yourself. The appearance of the breasts will change some over the next three months or so, and therefore any early thoughts about change would be misguided.


Now, to try to answer your question, a high profile implant will be narrower than what you have now, assuming that it is not high profile. How much narrower depends on what you have. For Allergan, the difference would be 1.9 cm, or just over 3/4 inch. If it is Mentor it would be either about 1.0 cm  or 2.3 cm, depending on which profile you have. (Mentor has 550's in 3 profiles, Allergan in  2.)

And yes, you could go somewhat larger within the current width, but if the implants seem to wide that may not be a good choice.


Best wishes.

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Size of Breast Augmentation

It is important to realize that you are likely still very swollen from surgery.  You will not see the final results after augmentation for many weeks.  A 550cc implant sounds very generous for you height and weight, but depends on how much breast tissue you started with. A high-profile implant will have a smaller diameter, but with much more projection.  The amount of projection with a high-profile implant can often cause an overly-augmented result.  It all depends on the type of result that you are looking for.  At this point, just be patient.

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