Did I Choose Implants That Are Too Small?

I had BA in Nov 2011 - 350cc HP Mentor implants. I went from a 36A to a 34D bra size. My breasts are still somewhat "saggy" looking and more cone-shaped vs. round. Is it possible that I chose implants that were too small? If I chose larger implants, would the implant "fill up" the breast tissue or would the breast tissue still sag in front?

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Appropriate Size Of Breast Implants

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Without the before/after photographs and a physical examination, it is hard to provide you with an accurate answer.

The size of your implants is one major part of how your breasts will look after the surgery but the technique used by your surgeon is the other part.

So it is best to discuss the details of your procedure with your surgeon and consider the option of a revision when possible. You need a lift to achieve the perky look you may be looking for.

Thank you for inquiry and the best of wishes to you.

Dr. Sajjadian

Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Implants too small?

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Hi, it is difficult to say for sure if the size you picked was too small and if going larger would get you to your goal, without proper examination. please follow up with your plastic surgeon and get re-evaluated if you have not achieved your goal, he or she is in the best position to help you. 

Implant Size

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Without photographs, there would be no basis to evaluate the size. Your surgeon should be able to guide you after evaluation.

Kris M. Reddy, MD, FACS
West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Implant Selection and Breast Shape

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I would agree with my colleagues, who previously addressed your concerns, Without photos and an examination, it is very difficult to visualize what needs to be done to meet your expectations.

Pre-operative breast shape size and appearance influences any outcome with breast augmentation. The only observation I would make is that switching to larger implants in a breast that is already perceived as "saggy" may not be a good idea. The additional implant weight and tissue stretching will probably result in a lower breast.

Go back to your plastic surgeon for advice and guidance. I am sure that he (she) will have insight into your concerns and suggestions to help you.  A second opinion could be sought, as necessary.

Best Regards,

Douglas J. Raskin, MD
Colorado Springs Plastic Surgeon
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Are your implants too small?

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Without photos it is difficult to tell. If you are big enough you may need a breast lift. if you want to go bigger, a moderate or moderate plus implant may give you the shape you desire.

Sagging breast after breast augmentation

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It is very difficult to give a proper answer with out a physical exam or photos!

But it sounds like your breast may have been either sagging or possibly tuberous and were not treated for that condition!

Return to your surgeon for correction!


Good luck!

Implants too small?

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It is hard to say whethere or not your implants are too small or too larger for you without a proper evaluation. Good luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Are breast implants too small

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The cone shape or projecting breast is typical of a high profile breast implant. We cannot know what you mean by a sag in the breast without a photo or more information. The implant may be the correct size if you are pleased with the volume and appearance in a bra, and if not the implant may be too small for your 'look'

Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Implants Too Small?

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Unfortunately, without pictures of before/after your  breast surgery is not possible to give you precise advice. The “sagging” that you describe may indicate that the breast implants have not fully “settled” into their pockets, that the breast implants were not large enough to fill the skin envelope, or that breast lifting was/is necessary to achieve your goals.

I would suggest following up with your plastic surgeon who is in the best position to advise you.

Best wishes.

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