I have been doing mild chemical peels on a regular basis but still have acne. Should I increase the frequency of the peels?

I did chemical peel,but still getting acne. I have done 10 peels every one n half month. But still im getting acne. Can i do more peeling within one month of interval? Will it have any problem in my skin? Im doing mild peels.

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Chemical peels can help with acne

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The peels help removed dead skin and unplug pores.  However, as acne is due to oil production, plugged pores, and a bacteria that eats the oil, it is important to treat your acne from many different angles.  We typically have you on a vitamin A cream to unplug the pores, a topical that kills or suppresses the bacteria, and other medications that can lighten the spots after acne or ones that can control the oil.  It usually takes 6 months to clear acne on a good regimen, and 8-12 months to lighten the spots.  Ask your Dermatologic Surgeon what is right for you.

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Chemical Peels for Acne

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Acne is multifactorial.  I would suggest you go to a dermatologist for consultation to see if your persistent acne has a hormonal etiology.  It may also be that you need antibiotics in addition to the chemical peels.  Please let me know what happens.

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