Why did a bump in my nose suddenly appear 5 months after rhinoplasty when my bump was originally removed?

It feels like the bump is where my bone was split and is now sticking up. It is hardly visible but I can feel the bump when I run my fingers over it. I never bumped by nose at all. I am wondering if my swelling is still going down and this is just something that I can now feel or if I should be concerned.

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Why did a bump in my nose suddenly appear 5 months after rhinoplasty when my bump was originally removed?

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Dear Dlh1989, thank you for your question.It may take several months for swelling to subside after rhinoplasty. Here in San Diego, we follow our patients for one year to follow their healing. Consider following up with your surgeon to monitor your progress and see if any intervention is necessary. Rarely a second opinion may be in order. Best of Luck.

San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon

Nasal Osteotomy Bump

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It is not uncommon to feel a bump along the lines of bone breakage (osteotomy). As long as it is not visible, leave it alone. Remember we do nosejobs to make the nose look better, not feel better.
Dr J
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It take up to 6-12 months to see the final rhinoplasty results, sometimes scar tissue pulls the structure in the direction that is desired originally, 5 months although is close but not enough to see the final results in rhinoplasty. 

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It can take a year for the final results to be seen after rhinoplasty.  Unless it is visible it will not necessarily need a revision.  It is important to avoid wearing heavy sunglasses on the bridge of your nose in the early postoperative period.  This can irritate the healing bone and result in irregular healing.  I would recommend patience and allow for the healing to take place over the year. 

Bump palpable after rhinoplasty

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There are always minor irregularities that can be felt under the skin. SOme may develop also as the bone heals. It is difficult to predict. If it is not visible, then it probably does not need to be revised unless it bothers you.

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