My Breast Lift was 9 days ago, and my left breast incision is yellow and bleeding, what should I do? (photos)

Hello I did Brest lifting 9 days ago, my lift Brest is looking good so far, but my right one is freaking me out,is this normal? I mean should I wait or should I do something about it? My doc is in Lebanon I went and I did it there , but I came back to Dubai 3 days after my operation Doctors opinion is highly appreciate it

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Complications from surgery abroad

are challenging since your surgeon is not accessible.  You should let your surgeon know and see if your surgeon has any contacts in your community.  And if not, you do need to get a copy of your operative report so you can have it when you see a local surgeon.  If the local surgeon has attitude, keep looking for someone who is able to really help you since you will be paying out of pocket to see them for this.  But need to know details of your procedure to assess risk for possible implant exposure which would not be a good thing.  Your surgeon can provide you information on wound care for the moment.  Best wishes.

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