Why Did my Breast Implant Drop and Become Exposed Through my Skin?

A few days after surgery my left breast developed an infection which was subsequently removed and replaced after a three month period. Approx. one year later my right breast developed capsular contraction, dropped and became exposed through my skin. Another plastic surgeon removed this implant as it was an emergency. I can't believe this happened to me, I was a fit and healthy 26yr old.

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Breast Implant Complications

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It is very difficult to say why you have experienced these complications.  There are many factors involved when performing breast surgery.  A big factor is also the patient and how her body heal, the amount of surgery done in one session, the quality of the overlying skin/ and subcutaneous tissues, technique used, use of nicotine etc.  When a patient has breast implant surgery, they should understand that they will most likely need a few surgeries in their lifetime in addition to the initial surgery;  you have experienced relatively rare complications.

Don't get discouraged, if you would like to •proceed with revisionary surgery, choose a  well experienced board-certified plastic surgeon with lots of experience with revisionary breast surgery and get some honest advice as to your results.  I have seen many patients with difficult histories who have ended up with very nice results.

 Best wishes. 

Breast implant complications

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Unfortunately, you have suffered through two different breast implant related complications.  Luckily, another plastic surgeon was available to help you in your time of need and remove the exposed implant.  These problems you have experienced are quite rare.  There are a variety of factors that may be involved including your body's healing properties, medical history, social habits, post-operative care, surgical techniques; without specifics of your case there is no way to know the causative agents.  The plastic surgeon involved in your emergency surgery may be able to provide some insights for you as well as a plan going forward.  I have taken care of patients with similar problems you have described and there are certainly options that will allow for a successful, safe, aesthetic enhancement of your breasts even after your complications. 

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