Did Breast Augmentation Emphasize Asymmetry? (photo)

I had a BA last June 21st 2011/ Mentor smooth moderate 525 cc under muscle. My left breast was higher and firmer than the right. I was very upset because some PS in here said that I was bottoming out and had capsular contracture. One wanted to charge me 5,000 for a revision.My PS said I am not bottoming out or have CC. I posted new before/after pics. It seems I already had asymmetry going on. both breast are now soft and the left did dropped some. I need some opinions...

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All breasts are asymmetric to begin. Surgery with impalnts often can magnify the difference. Sometimes adjustments can be performed to improve the asymmetry.  Without an exam, it is hard to say what woudl be best for you.

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Breast implants emphasized asymmetry

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It is possible that without a carefully planned breast augmentation, natural breast asymmetry can become more apparent. On the 'before' photo it looks like there was a plan to lower the breast fold to the dotted line, and indeed the one side is a bit bottomed out. One side is 'perfect' and the question is does the lower implant bother you enough to revise it.

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Breast Asymmetry

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The answer to your question is yes, preoperative asymmetries can be more noticeable after augmentation.  In your postoperative picture, it appears that your right breast is less full superiorly and may be more stretched inferiorly.  This could be improved with a pocket plication on the bottom of the right pocket, and possibly opening up the upper part of the right pocket.  I would suggest discussing again with your surgeon.  If you are not bothered by the slight asymmetry, you do not have to do anything.

Did Breast Augmentation Emphasize Asymmetry?

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Based on the great posted photos I would ONLY try to revision the right by closing the inframammary fold location and a L-shaped lift. Please give us follow up. 

Asymmetric breasts and breast augmentation surgery

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The simple answer is yes. As you can see from the pre - operative. Pictures your breasts were different and asymmetric even before the surgery. I routinely tell my patients during my consultation that any asymmetries of the breasts be more noticeable after the augmentation. Although every thing possible will be done during the surgery to make the breast as symmetrical as possible it is impossible to make them look the same if the were different at the start. It is like placing the breast under a magnifying glass.


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