Did A Blow To My Face Break My Nose?

A little kid slammed into my nose. It was very painful and smelt blood but there was no bleeding, now 2 days later, its still painful when touched and its harder to breathe through my nose. Also, my family said I have started to snore when I have always been a silent sleeper. Is it possible to have cracked my nose and not have broken it?

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Broken nose?

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Sounds like you may have broken it. "Fracture", "break", and "cracked" are all descriptions for the same thing. When the bones are broken they sometimes can be pushed out of place and need surgery to put them back. it doesn't sound like that is going on with you but it would be best to have a surgeon check it out. You have about 1-2 weeks to get it fixed before the surgery becomes difficult. If they are still in the right place it will still take about 6 weeks for them to heal enough so that they stay in place. they will be sore during this time. Also you will have some swelling in the inside of your nose which might be what's causeing your snoring. Bottom line - go get checked. Good luck.

Cracking your nose and breaking it would be the same thing

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Hello Candice,

Thank you for the question.  You most likely either fractured the nasal bones or the septal cartilage.  The question is whether these have remained in place or have they moved out of place.  If they are still in place the swelling will go away and you should be able to breathe normally again.  If the septum has been shifted then a septoplasty may be needed in the future to correct the breathing difficulty.

All the best,

Dr. Remus Repta

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