How Do I Know I Did Not Break my Muscle Repair While Weightlifting? (photo)

I have always felt a small hole right above the bb where the midline is. I train heavy in the gym (deadlifts, squats) and I started 4 months (light weight) after the surgery, sometimes I felt soreness and pulling but I do not remember popping sensations. In contrast while checking my muscle plication laid down in bed when I raise my legs a slight bulge (of left ab muscle) raises and I have to wonder If I broke the sutures. I never had a pain besides the first few days, but I am worried about this

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Very difficult to break fascia repair after abdominoplasty.

It is possible to a torn the fascia after in abdominoplasty by heavyweight lifting. I personally have not seen but if there is any question your plastic surgeon should be able to tell you.

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How Do I Know I Did Not Break my Muscle Repair While Weightlifting?

I am really having trouble seeing anything untoward on these photos. I am not even sure which is left and rights (?mirror photo). 

When you say just above the navel, I am not certain if you mean adjacent or separate from the navel. 

If adjacent, this is probably the space through which the navel comes through the abdominal wall. If separated, it could be a weakness in the abdominal wall. 

Best reassurance will come from an exam by your surgeon. All the best. 

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Bulging of abdominal muscle repair with weight lifting

Chances are that what you have been feeling right above your belly button is a small gap left from the plication, or repair, that the surgeon originally did.  You have to leave enough space for the belly button "stalk" to fit through, otherwise it gets strangulated and loses blood supply and dies.  Sometimes you can feel this gap, and as long as it's not painful or expanding, it's nothing to worry about.  As for the bulging, sometimes if excessive strain is applied to these tissues we may see some weakening over time.  This stands to reason if we recognize that the reason why we have to do these repairs in the first place is because the tissues are abnormally loose.  While we tighten the abnormally loose tissues, they are still abnormal, and sometimes they can relax some over time.  This is not to say that the whole thing will fall apart, but just to understand that we can't always expect them to be like a rigid steel plate, especially if we are going to put stress on them.  I would never tell you to stop working out; you look great, and what you are doing is working.  On the contrary, continue to work out, keep your "internal fat" inside the abdomen under control with diet and exercise, and just be realistic about your tissues and what they can tolerate.  Additional support in the  way of a weight belt may be of some benefit too, especially with the squats and dead lifts.  Good luck.

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