Did I Use Enough Botox?

So I don't have what I see most call " 11's " I have a "1 "? ( just one crease dead center between brows). So does this sound like enough was used? Last time they used 18,( this time 14 ), but only because we agreed i didnt need any more for Brow area like before. It's only been 3 days, but I thought I had noticed some change by day 3 the other 2 times I had it done. Thank you all for taking your time, & answering. Much appreciated! G

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The amount of botox you need is based on the results from prior experience...

if 18 units was sufficient, that's how much you need...but to find out if a lower dose might work, nothing wrong with trying a slightly smaller dose...but gets to a point where you're dealing with such a small dose, not sure the little bit of difference in price is worth the potential need to return sooner for a booster...

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See your injector in 2 weeks

I would wait two weeks before assessing results, then return to your injector to talk about what could be done to achieve your desired results. You won't experience exactly the same reaction to treatment every time, so this time you may have to wait longer.

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Did I Use Enough Botox?


I usually advise patients to wait 1-2 weeks for the final effect and results to appear.  For the most part, the glabella area can be treated with 15-20 units although men and those with deeper "11's" may require additional units.  It is important to remember that while we may have required less Botox in the past, all of us age with time and may require additional units as time progresses.  

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Did I Use Enough Botox?

Depending on how strong you have muscle movement to that area. Most patients benefit from 16-20 units of Botox placed in the glabella to soften the lines. I usually advise patients to wait 8-10 days to see full effect. 

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Did I get enough Botox?

When we term people's "11s", there are actually several varietals - a "1" (like you describe), an "11" (which is probably most common), and even "111" (which is more often seen in untreated males). It depends on your muscle. I find that most people, regardless of if they are a 1 or an 11, usually benefit from around 20 units in this area. Less units used and you may find yourself back for a re-treatment sooner than normal.

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