Did botox migrate?

I had botox injected into my crows feet/ around lower orbital rim. 2 days later, I can't smile all the way. Did the injector hit zygomaticus major/minor? The corners of my mouth do not come up. Thank you for any help!

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Botox smile changes

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Dear citygal38, Botox does not migrate. It can diffuse for a small area, around the injection site. Thus, when Botox is injected around the eyes for crow's feet, some un-intended muscles can be affected. This happens if the injections are a bit too low, or if the number of units injected is a bit high, or if the Botox is used in a higher dilution. In your case, it could be the muscles resposible for raising the upoer lip, as in smiling. Fortunately, if this is the case, it resolves within a few weeks, spontaneously. 

Detroit Dermatologic Surgeon

Can't smile after botox

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What you describe is very unusual and surprising. First of all, Botox usually doesn't work in 2 days. Also, I have done over 10,000 injections and never seen the smile blocked by injections around the orbital rim. Check with the doctor that injected you.

Daryl K. Hoffman, MD
San Jose Plastic Surgeon
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