Looks Like I Have A Cleft Lip After Botox To Philtrum?

I received Botox on the philtrum area for wrinkles. I have received 72u, 60u, 72u, 84u, 100u, 100u, 100u, then from 5.11 to 23.12 another 168u . I find my cupid bow area is not right looks like I have a cleft lip. The philtrum area the two sides stick out and then with the cleft lip I look terrible. Is this due to the botox? 

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Lip and botulinum toxin

The number of units is too high for botox, and even for Dysport which I give 3 units to every one unit of botox, these units are too high. You need to be seen by an expert who gives injections of both botox and dysport to make sense of what treatment you had and how it can be made better.


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You may have overdone the Botox

That is a huge amount of Botox to have injected into the upper lip.  Stop the Botox in that area and let the muscles resume their function.  Then see how things look.

Kevin F. Hagan, MD
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Botox for lips

How many units did you have in the lips? Can you post a photograph, to help determine where the problem is, if any?

Khaled El-Hoshy, MD
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