Diastesis Recti and Tummy Tuck in Houston?

I will like to thank you all Doctors for your answers and I strongly agree with the idea of having the surgery in the US! It worries me that something bad can happen during the surgery. It's been long 5 years trying to have this surgery to correct my Diastasis recti and I have not been able to do it. I still look very much pregnant and frustrated that I look this way. I will like to be able to find a Doctor here in Houston at a much lower price but also I don't want to risk it. Thank you!

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Here is a link to the board certified doctors in your area that are qualified to perform this procedure.

Hopefully this helps!

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Tummy Tuck in Houston

I am glad you got the message for safety first. To continue in that mode,  find a surgeon who is board certified in plastic surgery. Look up the doctors in the ASPS (American Society of plastic surgeons) website, plasticsurgery dot org. You will find listing for Houston of the board certified surgeons who are members in good standing of that society.
Good luck and  best wishes.

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