Can Diastasis Recti Be Repaired for Pain Without Removing Extra Skin?

I have a 5" separation that has gotten larger over the last 11 years. It has become very painful to move around and do normal activity. It burns and is painful quite often throughout the day and hurts even more when I lay down. There is no hernia present. Can it be repaired w/o actually removing any extra skin or fat even though I am considered obese at 288 and 5'4"? I just want the pain/burning to stop. I'm losing weight but now I can't exercise anymore.

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Diastasis versus hernia

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I am concerned that you have a hernia or hole in your abdominal wall.   This can typically be diagnosed by a surgeon, but may require an imaging test to confirm, if the abdominal wall is thick.     Since you are having pain, you should definitely have this evaluated soon to determine if there is any strangulation of the intra-abdominal contents.

I wish you a safe and healthy recovery.

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Can a diastasis be repaired without removing skin? Yes. The procedure is called an endoscopic abdominoplasty. However, the procedure in my experience would not be practical in a person of your size.

Diastasis and pain

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A diastasis usualy does not cause pain. You probably should have an evaluation by a general surgeon to determine whether or not you have a true hernia or to figure out the cause of your pain.

Consult with a general surgeon first.

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You should really consult with a general surgeon and have imaging tests to determine the cause of your pain.  If it is confirmed that you have a diastasis, you can see a plastic surgeon, however, weight loss will usually be required to see results.

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