Can a Diastasis Recti Repair Be Undone?

Will my bowels return to normal? I still am having problems 8 weeks out. Very uncomfortable all the time. The muscles are not loosening at all. I am miserable.I can't eat well and now I am getting depressed. HELP!! How long will this last?

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Diastasis recti repair

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Certainly, it can be undone but are you prepared to go back to an apple shape or bulging belly like appearance. It may be first prudent for you to try to undertake a regimen of core strengthening excercises that will use your muscle tone to reinforce rather than fight the effects of the repair.

Diastasis repair

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Reversing a muscle repair is a rare request.  Your discomfort 8 weeks after the tummy tuck is not uncommon though.  Your muscle tightness can be addressed with more healing time to allow loosening of the rectus muscles.  Often in their new position, the muscles can spontaneously spasm and best relieved with muscle relaxants or massage.  This would be discussed with your plastic surgeon.

Undoing a Tummy Tuck Muscle Repair to Relieve Tightness

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I sympathize with your condition, but must tell you that your case is very atypical. In the hundreds of Tummy Tucks I performed, I never had to go back and undo the muscle repair. The initial tightness always loosens and my patients returned to normal function. Before seriously considering undoing the muscle repair (and regaining your old unflattering figure) you may wish to try nerve blocks, acupuncture, massage - anything which may get you over this period until the inevitable looseness comes about. Dr. Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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