Diastasis Recti Has So Many Issues Attached to It. Do I Have to Endure Pain Forever. Is It Really Not a Big Issue? (photo)

I'm a mum of two my diastasis recti worsened after second child. In the last 8 years Ive had many issues. Worsening of the separation after maternal nurse advised to do abdominal exercises. Always have mid/lower back pain and I end up hunched. I have to focus on posture but can't hold for long w/o extreme pain. Now I have curvature of the spine. I have bowel and digestion probs and now 2nd umbil hernia. Cant sit long, pain after a meal or glass of water. I wear a waist band everyday. Depressed!

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Diastasis Recti Has So Many Issues Attached to It?

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Most physicians (and insurers) feel that diastasis rectus is a cosmetic problem and causes not symptoms, and I can'g say that I disagree.  All the symptoms you describe occur also in patients with normal abdominal wall anatomy. 

You don't say in your posting whether or not you have had a medical evaluation of your symptoms. If not, do so, and start with your primary physician.

All the best. 

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