Diastasis Recti with an Endoscopy in Atlanta?

I had a very bad liposuction done 8 years ago which left me with a Diastasis Recti in my upper stomach from my umbilical cord up to my breast. I have a huge pooch when I eat food. I am looking to have it repaired by a local Atlanta Doctor who does it with an Endoscopy. I don't want to have a tummy tuck. I don't have any loose skin. Anyone you know who specializes in this procedure. Thank you.

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Lipo caused diastasis???

Diastasis rectus occurs when the rectus abdominis muscles become separated due to increased pressure within the abdominal cavity. Typically this occurs with pregnancy or weight gain. Also typically it is noticed after conclusion of the pregnancy or after weight loss.

It is difficult to imagine the situation where liposuction which is done external to the abdominal muscles could have played a role in causing diastasis. 

Although it may be possible to repair this endoscopically, there is a potential problem. As the edges of the muscle are drawn together toward the midline the skin will be dragged along. Although you may have no skin excess now,  there could be some buckling of the skin after the diastasis repair is complete.

The chances of that happening can only be determined by a physical exam. be sure and address this question with your surgeon.

Thank you for your question, best wishes.

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Diastasis Repair

I have never heard of liposuction causing a diastasis. Be careful from whom you get your information from. Beware of correction using endoscopy. If you have  any significant diastasis, or separation, when it comes together you should have a significant amount of skin that gets bunched together. That skin needs to go somewhere, which I don't think can happen with endoscopy.

Ronald Schuster, MD
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