Diastasis Recti and Umbilical Hernia Repair?

I would like to correct my diastasis recti and umbilical hernia without get a tummy tuck. I'm a thin person who does exercise and I think I dont need to have a surgery as invasive. I would like to know if is save to do it with a general surgeon I what could happen with the little skin excess. I add a photo of my actual tummy look.

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General surgeon vs plastic surgeon and tummy tuck

A general surgeon will fix your hernia and maybe some of your rectus diastasis but they are not trained to and are unlikely to get you the best tummy contour and appearance.  For this I recommend a plastic surgeon.

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Diastasis repair without tummy tuck is seldom a good idea.


1)  Most people have more loose skin than they realize.  And you need an incision to repair the diastasis anyway.  The question is not: "What is possible?"  The question should be: "What gives best result."

2)  In any case, you need a plastic surgeon.

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Diastasis Recti and Umbilical Hernia Repair without Tummy Tuck

Yes, both can be repaired without a tummy tuck skin excision. However, you may want to discuss this with a Board Certified plastic surgeon. 

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Fixing protruding abdomen and hernia without a tummy tuck

Your photo didnt post so I can only speak in general terms. I agree with the above comments in that you may have more excess skin than you realize. However, I have done "mini-tummy tucks" with shorter incisions where i corrected the diastasis and only removed a small amount of skin. However, this is not common. I would recommend getting an opinion first from a qualified board certified plastic surgeon before making your decision.

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Loose skin after diastasis repair.

A tummy tuck is the most common approach to diastasis repair. You will likely have loose skin after surgery and a tummy tuck will eventually correct it.  It is better that you see a plastic surgeon. 

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Diastasis Recti and Umbilical Hernia Repair

If you have a diastasis wide enough to fix, then when the muscle edges are brought together, they will likely bring along the attached skin, and without attention to that excess skin it is likely to buckle and result in a vertical strip of excess skin that is unsightly and would need a TT to repair. That is why many general surgeons will not fix a diastasis. 

Your photo did not post, so it is not possible to comment further. I would suggest an evaluation by a plastic surgeon.  Thanks for your question, best wishes. 

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Diastasis recti and hernia repair without tummy tuck

While you might not "want" a tummy tuck, once the diastasis is repaired, there will potentially be more loose extra skin than there is now.  This likely won't shrink away.  What you want is very rarely done, please visit with an excellent plastic surgeon, not a general surgeon for this.

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