How do I know if I have diastasis? If I do, did I make it worse with smart lipo? (photos)

Hi I'm 3 weeks post from upper and lower abs and I have felt like I'm healing "normally" with lots of lumps and bumps but they seem typical by the posts. However I did have someone comment on my before pic and most recent about thinking I prob have diastasis. What if I do?! Did I make matters worse?! I had 700 cc's removed (had pubic area done too by the way) and he said he "got everything he could". Would he have known to check for such a condition? What should I do from here? :(

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Liposuction result

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I see a protrusion in your lower abdomen but overall the result is good. I normally see diastasis recti in woman who have had children and it can be diagnosed with a preoperative physical exam. I suggest you follow up with your surgeon to see what he thinks about the result.

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