I Have a Diastasi Recti in the Muscles Below my Belly Button. Will an Endoscopic Mini Tummy Tuck Repair This? (photo)

I am not over weight but have this lower abdomina pooch. I have consulted a couple of Plastic Surgeons that think this can be treated via an endoscopic tummy tuck to repair the muscle. I would do this in conjunction with liposuction to remove excess fat. The surgeon would use my existing C-Section Scar and also make a few incisions in my belly button. Do you think that I will get good results with this type of surgery?

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Endoscopic Mini Tummy Tuck

I see little extra skin here, only some laxity in the abdominal wall. From the photos it appears this extends a bit above the navel. I will assume the incisions about the navel are to treat the upper abdomen, but I am not certain.

This approach seems like a good one, though I would add that with the previous c-section incision, this could also be done with an open approach with no more incisions needed.

Thanks and best wishes.

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