Diagnostic Mammogram Showed Calcification 11 Months Post BA?

Hello, I am in urgent need of help/answers. I had a BA on June/2011. Posted here before because I'm having many complications. Surgery was performed by unqualified, not certified doctor. Diagnostic mammogram done today showed calcification deposits. radiologist said it doesn't fit the usual pattern for calcium deposits after BA. I'm going for biopsy this Friday. Last year mammogram was normal (before implants) no longer about cosmetic dissatisfaction. I am afraid I have cancer please help.

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Calcifications on Mammogram after Breast Augmentation?

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Thank you for the question.

I'm sorry to hear about the lesson satisfactory experience with your breast augmentation. However, at this point, it sounds like you ( and your physicians) are  going about things correctly.  The procedure of biopsy of  calcifications seen on mammograms is indicated.  This procedure will provide you with a diagnosis (hopefully benign).

Best wishes.

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