I Have Just Been Diagnosed with Sensory Nerve Damage After Having a Skinmedica Vitalize Peel?

I have just been diagnosed with sensory nerve damage after having a skinmedica vitalize peel. It has been 11 weeks since the peel and I have severe burning and tingling. I am still having inflammation around my nose and chin also. My doc put me on Lyrica. Will this heal and what is the expected duration. I am at my wits end with this! It has affected every aspect of my life.

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Need an Evaluation to Determine

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Thank you for your question. I suggest you see a Board Certified Dermatologist and /or a Neurologist to evaluate and better assess your skin  and determine the best course of action while you heal.  Without an evaluation, it is not possible to determine the extent of damage, the healing process, and your skin type. I hope this helps.

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