Tummy Tuck and Hypothyroidism?

I Have Just Been Diagnosed with Hypothyroidism.Is It Safe to Have Surgery? Stubburn Fat from my Stomach Removed.

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Timing is everything!

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If you have just been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and have been started on medication to treat this condition, do not rush into surgery!  Your thyroid medication may result in steady but not rapid weight loss, especially if you are watching your diet and exercising.

Wait until your weight stabilizes on the thyroid medication. Your best result can be obtained at your LOWEST sustainable weight. You and you surgeon must use good judgement to determine the optimal time for surgery.  In our practice, we like to see a stable weight for 4-6 weeks prior to surgery (this also implies a safe BMI as well!).

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Hypothyroid and surgery

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Since you have been newly diagnosed as having hypothyroidism I would recommend waiting until your doctor has brought your thyroid levels back to normal and they are stable before proceeding with surgery.  Once stable, it is generally fine for a person with hypothyroidism to undergo surgery.

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