I Have Been Diagnosed with Chalazion Cyst of Upper Eyelid After Laser Treatment. Is This Serious?

I had Pearl laser resurfacing nearly 8 weeks ago. After two weeks, I developed severe folliculitis (per dermatologist....he did not do the laser). I have seen him several times, been on antibiotics, etc. Today, I was told I have a chalazion cyst which may require surgery. It is on my eyelid crease. I know this can have serious consequences. Is surgery the best thing to do?

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Chalazion Cyst After Pearl Laser Treatment

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I have been using the Pearl Laser for over four years and have not seen this problem.  Usually your upper eyelids are covered by protective eye wear during the procedure and are not treated.   If you had intra-ocular eye shields in place during the procedure and your upper lids were treated, I suppose that a chalazion may result.  This is usually not a serious problem.   Sometimes they resolve with warm compresses, but you should definitely see your ophthalmologist.

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