Can Diabetics Have a Lifestyle Lift? I Am a Type 1, Insulin Dependent (photo)

It takes me longer to heal than folks that don't have diabetes. Would I be able to have a lift sucessfully? I am very healthy in spite of having this disease for over 54 years. Have great eyesight and have all my limbs.

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Lifestyle Lift and diabetes

Being a diabetic doesn't exclude you from having a facelift. It does present unique healing challenges that must be closely monitored. The most important thing is to establich that you have consistent, long-term control of you blood sugar. This usually means that you hemoglobin A1C level should be less than 7 (depending on the surgeon) in order to put yourself in the best healing position. Poor blood sugar control can result in post-operative infections, and scarring. You need to make sure that you have dilligent post-operative follow up. Make sure that whoever you choose to do your procedure is meticulous in their evaluation of your health and puts you in the best possible position to have a great outcome.

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Facelift with diabetes

Best to be cleared by your endocrinologist prior to undergoing a facelift.  Make sure your sugars are under tight control  and check your A1c prior to the procedure.

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Can Diabetics Have a Lifestyle Lift

In my hands, I have performed the Lifestyle Lift on many diabetics with excellent results. While diabetes can be a factor in slow wound healing, I have used the Hgb A1c as a measure of helping insure we perform these surgeries on patients at a time when their sugars are optimally controlled. Through the Lifestyle Lift Medical Clearance Process, I often communicate with the Primary Care Doctors, to help understand any other medical issues that might impact, or sometimes preclude the Lift. FInally, I help patients make sure they check their sugars post-procedure, and again work with the patients and PCP's if any issues arise. I hope this helps and I wish you all the best.

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Diabetic and Lifestyle lift

My personal recommendation is this can and should be done while you are fully monitored. Lifestyle lift doesn't have an anaesthesiologist there monitoring your blood sugar and you are under oral anaesthesia doing surgery and I think this is vital. Also the followup is vital and Lifestyle followup is limited or nonexistant if some of the patient reviews on the internet are to be believed.

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